Informatikdienste der ETH Zürich
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More details in the ITS Blog. See also the comments in the German Post.

Problems or Questions

The ITS Service Desk is available for assistance.

Where are my files stored?
All data is stored exclusively on ITS servers at ETH Zurich.

Who has access to my files?

Every nethz user is responsible for their data and can access them. A nethz user can share his data with other users and allow them access.

Storage administrators also have access to polybox data.

Can I recover deleted or lost files?

No, deleted or lost files cannot be recovered anymore. There are NO backups.

Legal Aspects

The BOT guidelines apply to polybox; see Documentation.

What happens to my data when I leave ETH Zurich?

When your nethz account (~ 6 months) is closed the data will be deleted. See also "Leaving ETH".