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Problems or Questions

The ITS Service Desk is available for assistance.


You can share files which are located in your polybox with other people. By clicking on Share (Teilen) the following input menu will appear:

Share with user or group:

Here you can enter the user name with whom you want to share your files. Please note that only members of ETH are available. After you have entered the name of the person, it will appear in the list (e.g. Joel Greuter, etc.)

Setting permissions:
-inform by email: sends an email notification to the person you are sharing with 

-can edit (click the small arrow to the right to get more options):
create: The person can create or add new files to the shared folder
update: The person can edit documents or file names
delete: The person can delete files or folders that you have shared
share: The person can share your shared files or folders with others

Read-Only: To give the person Read Only rights remove the check mark for "can edit"

Share link:

This function is used to share files or folders with non-ETH members. A link which is publicly available is generated. The generated link can be copied and for example, forwarded via email. Users that access the shared files via this link have read only \ download rights only.

Password protect:
Select password protect to protect your shared link from misuse.

Allow public upload:
This function is only available when you share folders. Use this function to allow non-ETH members data upload.

Send link by email:

Use this function if you want to share files or folders with non-ETH members. An email with your address and the link to the shared file or folder will be sent to the recipient. The person with whom you are sharing can open the link in a browser and download the data.


Set expiration date:

Here you can specify a date to set a time limit for how long you will be sharing your files or folders with other people. Once the deadline has expired, no one  will be able to access your file. However the file will not be deleted from your polybox.