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Desktop Client

Windows / OS X

After successful installation, a small cloud icon appears in the toolbar. The icon in the cloud changes according to whether the client is connected, paused or disconnected.  In addition, a polybox folder will now appear in your Finder. This folder is a copy of the data stored in your polybox and is fully integrated into your OS X operating system. Use drag & drop to move files/folders and save them in your polybox or delete files/folders to remove them from polybox.

These characters are forbidden for naming files:

• case '/':
• case '\':
• case ':':
• case '?':
• case '*':
• case '"':
• case '>':
• case '<':
• case '|':
• case '~':

If they are used, it may (not only when using polybox) cause problems.



Sync Client

The sync client will synchronize your local polybox folder with your web memory.
Files/folders which you place into your polybox are automatically synchronized in both directions.

Show Status:


Click Pause to stop synchronisation between the Sync Client and your polybox.


To break the synchronization connection between your local polybox folder and polybox click Remove.



Click on Info to view the synchronization log.


Add a second account

On the new polybox sync client it's possible to add a second account by hitting the "Account" Button -> "Add new".
After the new account is successfully added, a new TAB will appear on the sync client.

By switching to the new tab, it's possible to map a local directory with the desired directory on the server.

Open polybox in browser:

In order to start polybox web client click on polybox in Open Browser.

Open polybox folder

Click "Open polybox folder" to view your local polybox folder in your Finder.


Click on Configure if you want to change server address, user name or password. (Note: If you have changed your nethz user name or password, you can enter the new information here.)

Proxy settings

Click on Proxy settings to remove the proxy or define your own proxy settings.


Click Finish to terminate Sync Client.